“quick” reviews

This is my new and updated database, of movies that i have seen. I gave up sorting them by my own liking of them, since my taste is changeing by the minute. I reccomend you to watch them all.

The shawshank redemption – Excellent

Blair witch project – no!

silence of the lambs – catching

Hannibal – so-so

red dragon – nevermind

return of the jedi – muppets!?!

Empire strikes back – …realistic!

A new hope – old

Raiders of the lost ark – humorous

Last crusade – entertaining

kingdom of the crystal skull – consecutive

Schindlers list – dark

Clerks – independant

Chasing amy – insubordinate

mallrats – insubordinate

Jay and silent bob strikes back – funny

Dogma – dogma…

jersey girl – surprising

I robot – mechanical

enemy of the state – linear

Hitchikers guide to the galaxy 2007 – harmless

jurassic park – Historic

Harold and kumar goes to whitecastle – legendary

half baked – stoned

life of brian – authentic

quest for the holy grail – unlaidening

meaning of life – random

armageddon – perpetuating

more to come….


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