Wave Mechanics – Human Behaviour?

After comming home from my days lecture on “Mechanical vibrations”, i stumbled uppon the concept of, switching your signal input in some experimental analasys, from some frequensy response, with that of a data values of some measurand of behaviour. And here i mean any kind of behaviour, in a living organism. Animal or plant for that matter. Or maybe even crystal growth or, what ever you can consider behaviour.

If it is possible to reduce the noise on your data, and produce some relatively coherent results that shows, that behaviour folows patterns simmilar to that of physical systems, what implications does this have? Can we then use this to alter, or even predict behaviour?

Would this be a way to tie together pschology and physics? Psychology being the empirical data set, to support the theory? Just some quick thoughts here, hehe…

I find this very interesting, and am pondering how to make some simple experiment that will definately debunk this hypothesis, so that i can stop wondering about it. Please, do join in 🙂


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