Homemade: Blackberry rum

The schrubs of our garden are at places dominated by this lovely plant, the blackberry (Danish;brombær). As they suddently all started ripening, i went out and quickly filled up a bowl.

After some delicious consumption…

I decided to try and improve on a rather cheap and foul tasting rum that i had bought, with some of the berries. And since the were in such an abundance, and we are having summer, i wanted to try and make some italien style icecream, wich is actually based on milk, not cream.

Recipy for my Blackberry infused rum:

1 Large jar, that can be sealed airtight

1 Bottle, or as much as you have left, of rum

As many berries as you bother to pick.

0 – a few cups of Sugar

Process: Since the alcohol will sterilize the berries, you dont neccicarily have to clean them all that well. Some recipies actualy say you should avoid washing them, if possible. But i had so many, that i decides to swirl and rinse them in water 3 times or more, a small batch at the time. Then I simply filled up my jar with berries, then i poured half a cup of white sugar, and some nice honey over them. Not that much though. Then I poured over my rum, sealed it up and left it to infuse, in a dark cool place:

Then shake it once in a while, and let it sit for anywhere between a couple of weeks to a couple of months. This stuff will stay good for a long time. It will only get “better”. You can use any type of berries, and alcohol. I dont know if its important, but i made sure that there was enough alcohol to cover the berries, but its probably not important.

When you want to drink it, do a rough filtration, maybe “smush” the berries into a pulp, and do a clean filtration through a cloth or a paper coffee filter. The leftover berries, can be served with icecream, or made into a nice marmelade! But dont waste them!


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