Homemade: Blackberry icecream

This one is a little bit more tricky, but equally delicius 🙂 Its my recipy for Italian style blackberry icecream. Its not that fatty, and you can vary the amount of sugar to some extent. And its CHEAP TO MAKE!

Here is the almost finished product: 1.2L of OM NOM NOM NOM!

Ok what you need: for 1 Liter+ icecream:

5 Egg yolks

180 – 190 grams of sugar

1 Liter of milk, i used 3%, you can use any substitute or combination, but 3% is definately fine

1 Large bowl of berries, or as many as you like.

Vanilla. Preferably fresh – 1 stick.

And time to spare. This will take a bit…

Start  by heating up the milk, and add the vanialla. Dont boil it, heat it up just barely to the boiling point. It will start frothing a bit, around the edges of the pot.

Take your yolks, and whisk them in a pot with the sugar. This being a seperate pot, from the milk one. Whisk till they are white and foamy.

Now comes the bit tricky part. You are going to put the yolk mixture on a relatively low heat, and then graduately add the warm milk mixture to it,  whil stirring and whisking it. DONT let it boil. If it gets to hot, the yolks wil start to curdle, and you will have failed… It should look something like this when youre done. very light and frothing:

While this was going on, you were using your 3rd arm for mushing the berries through a strainer, to get rid of the skin, centerpieces and whatnot parts. Leave a cople of handfulls of berries, to add to the icecream later on.

Add the juicy goodness to the milk-yolk mixture. Let it cool.

I pored my mix in a plastic container like this. This is after some freezing:

Unless you have acces to a proper icecream machine, its a realy realy realy good idea to take out the icecream, as its solidifying, and whisk it through, and break down the crystal that are forming. This wil give it a much more plesant consistence. And at the point where the mixture has gotten to a low enough viscousity, add the remaining berries! This will make you icecream even better 🙂

A tip: Remember, that water freezing  expands about 10% in volume. I accounted for that in this container, but forgot to account for the addition of berries! So i had to pour some of this into a smaller plastic box, to avoid a bit of spillage in the freezer 😛 Another thing: If you are concerned with salmonella, scold the eggs before you them, with boiling water, or buy pastourized yolks. There is no gurantee that you reach sufficeint temperature during heating, unless you use a thermometre, and you might risk ruining the icecream.

I hope you enjoy this easy to make, cheap and not too unhealthy, organic and lovely icecream recipy.


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