Homemade: Flat screen tv wall mount

This is how my 32″ samsung is mounted.  The mount is made up of 2 pieces of rectangular stainless stell hollow profile. Dimensions about 1,5 x 3 cm. On the narrow side i drilled thru acording to the threads on the back of the tv. This is how its fastened to the tv. To get the mount on the wall, i fix to heavy duty screws, of any kind realy, into the wall. Then i “hang” the mount on the screws. I made 2 additional “key” shaped holes on the mount for this. These key holes are larger holes, with slits trailing out of the top of them. This way, when i hang the tv, and lower it, it cant possibly “fall off”.

Whenever i hang my tv in a new spot, i keep my metal file handy. This way, i can adjust on the length of the slits in the key holes, and get the tv EXACTLY level, without to many re-drilling’s 🙂

Thanks to Jan from my old workplace, for the concept for this.


One Response to Homemade: Flat screen tv wall mount

  1. Steven says:

    Thanks for the tip. I just mounted my 32″ using this method but with using two 24″ pieces cut from an old pair of Thule roof racks. Works like a charm.

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