If it a’int broken…

July 1, 2009

So our vacuum cleaner stopped working… and of course i had thrown away the receipt … but warranties aren’t something we take serious in this household, anyways.

It had “cut out” a few times before, but now it wouldn’t stat at all. So i cracked the thing open, after shaking it a bit, and started error searching. I tried using my multimeter to find any missing connections, but it didnt go to well.

I decided to try and short circuit the automatic wire rolling mechanism, to see if this was the problem…

The spring flew out at near the speed of light, just pass my face and cut my hand in the process. Maybe i should have anticipated that there was a large spring inside it? Since i wasn’t going to be able to fix that anyway, i cut it out of the equation, an wired around it – no luck.

The error was somewhere else. So i looked at this small board, that evidently controls the throughput to the 1600 watt motor:

One of the connections on the voltage regulator was a bit charred, so i tried wiring around the whole thing, and it seemed to work.

The board is used for receiving and decoding information from an infrared remote in the vacuum cleaner handle, and regulate the rpm’s. I don’t think it includes any kind of surge protection, so it should be good 🙂

Reassembled it, and threw away the obligatory extra 3 screws. Now it only runs on “Extremely high” suction, and the cord doesn’t coil up 🙂 But it works.