real bionic armor

February 21, 2009

I saw IBM patentet something they call bionic armor, but its just a piece of clothes that electrically stimulates muscles, like one of those “fitness” devices, that shocks you. 


Real bionic armor could imo be 2 things:


Re-encoding your dna, maybe with some sort of Gene therapy treatment. Adding additional functions of your original genetics, such as resistance to pain, additional abilitys and what not. 


Secondly, it could be some geneticly engineered substance, that could be sprayed on your body, clothes, or ingested, that would some how protect you, against chemical attacks, radiation poisoning, altering your biology to cope with any sudden environmental change, bacterial or viral attacks of all sorts. It would in some form be “alive”. Living of the energy absorbed from your body, or the atacks them selves. 


Actually, it micht even be a spray on solytion of chemicals or some form of engineerd device, that spray on in powderform, and cover your body. This nano cover would be like what you have in the game crysis i imagine.



I dont know how many of these are patented.


Browsing products in 3D

February 15, 2009

This kind of 3D imaging of productsor exhibits, is already seen to some extent on websites of major production firms. But with smaller companies popping up, and being able to deliver quality displays, at reasonable pricing, i think we will see a lot of this in the future.

Link is in danish, but the navigation is intuitive.

Learn something usefull

February 4, 2009

Learn Physics

Learn Chemistry