Bsc. Mechanical Engineering

January 20, 2009

Today was the accumulation of 3½ years of studying, at the Engineering School of Aarhus, since i had my last examn in our bachelor project. 

It went well, we got top grades, and i can now adress myself “Bsc. Mechanical Engineering”.
Our project title is: “Mechanical Properties of waterbased tapecasted stainless sintered metal”.



January 15, 2009

I’m currently diving into the area of origin of life, since i have been watching Richard Dawkings taking on religion. Hes a smart fellow, i must say, but he doenst have all the answers, and as a good scientist he does admit to it. I respect him for being true, and open minded. Here is som interesting stuff aswell:

also good:

and if you are realy interested:


– with Bill maher. Its about how people believe in religion, and how fundementally ridiculous it is.

“Expelled No Intelligence Allowed”

– is also quite good, mostly about how we should keep true to the scientific values, of being allowed to always question the theory, and test it. In this docu, the subject is why cant scientist postulate fx an intelligent designer, just because it is not popularly regarded as scientific “belief”? its because we are afraid of it? its just questions. are we afraid to be pprofen wrong? then we as scientists are no better than the religious fanatics…