Updated: Samsung remote for win XP

Ifinished this project today. Made a hole in the pc case for the cable to exit. sorted all the cable connections, made it look at bit better ( and safer ). I put the components on a vero board, so it was more compact ( was always part of the plan ). The initial “birds nest” layout was just a “proof of concept” to see if it would work on my machine 🙂


So here is what it looks like. I added an old 10m svhs cable, in between the components and the connecter. And i put the reciever in a small plastic case, for now. Had to make an opening, and the finish isnt that nice. I need a piece of tinted plexiglas, to make it look good, and make a bigger opening. But the angle of reception is actually pretty damn good. Better than for my samsung  dvd reciever….


Here’s pics:




As for controls, i am using uIce software ( opensource ). Here, i “learned” different buttons on my remote, for actions like:


Arrow keys up, down, left and rigt. Mouse movement up, down…. Right left and double click, tab, application cycling and closing… there’s no end to the possibilties 😀


So now i just lay on my couch, browing for the different show i want to watch on my pc, via my 32″ LCD tv 🙂




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