all in a’ days work….

November 21, 2008

….looking at some tensile test results…


…. working on porous structure mechanics in FEM…


… looking at the porous media…




November 17, 2008
name         SEAN
status       student
age          20s

Hi Sean

Your nerves do not work quite the same way as an electric wire.

Electricity is a movement of charge. In a wire the electrons move to carry
the charge along the wire.

In a nerve the electrical signal moves although no electrical charge
actually moves along the nerve - the signal travels in the form of an
action potential.

The inside of nerve cells normally has a slight negative charge as a result
of the activity of pumps which move charged ions prodominantly out of the
cell. When an electrical charge is placed near a nerve cell it causes gates
in the membrane to open and allow the ions to reenter the cell and
depolarise the membrane near the position where the charge is located. The
depolarisation causes ion channels to open in the membrane a little further
along the nerve (resulting in depolarisation here) and then channels open
in the membrane a little further along...the chain reaction of
depolarisations moves along the nerve until it gets to the end where the
depolarisation causes an appropriate response (such as muscle contraction).

Cameron Millsom
Trinity Education Centre
University of Melbourne
Parkville, Victoria,  3052,  Australia

camspace – Use your webcam to track objects

November 17, 2008

This aplication can use any webcam to track colors, an then emulate the movement into an input device. This means, you can “lock” on to anything that has an apropriate color, fx a bright yellow, green red or other strong collored, book, pen, print out, anything. It can even lock on to th ecolor of your LIPS ;D




– and now you have a gesture controlled input device 😀


I have printed out a “wheel” with a green colored bar on it, and use it to play trackmania nations. The software is free, the game is free, and i guess you can find something that has an apropriate color, for free.


So go try it! . but obviously you need a webcam 🙂


You can get print outs for wheels, and “controller” programs for lots of games on the website:


Updated: Samsung remote for win XP

November 8, 2008

Ifinished this project today. Made a hole in the pc case for the cable to exit. sorted all the cable connections, made it look at bit better ( and safer ). I put the components on a vero board, so it was more compact ( was always part of the plan ). The initial “birds nest” layout was just a “proof of concept” to see if it would work on my machine 🙂


So here is what it looks like. I added an old 10m svhs cable, in between the components and the connecter. And i put the reciever in a small plastic case, for now. Had to make an opening, and the finish isnt that nice. I need a piece of tinted plexiglas, to make it look good, and make a bigger opening. But the angle of reception is actually pretty damn good. Better than for my samsung  dvd reciever….


Here’s pics:




As for controls, i am using uIce software ( opensource ). Here, i “learned” different buttons on my remote, for actions like:


Arrow keys up, down, left and rigt. Mouse movement up, down…. Right left and double click, tab, application cycling and closing… there’s no end to the possibilties 😀


So now i just lay on my couch, browing for the different show i want to watch on my pc, via my 32″ LCD tv 🙂



ralph is down….

November 7, 2008

so finaly fox also got the other upload removed on uTube…. but we reached a whopping 1,185,056 hits, on this one, and about 200.000 on my own original upload.


But still, you cant realy remove anything from uTube, so here he still is:


Samsung remote for win XP

November 3, 2008


I read on HackADay that u cud make a usb-ir input device, that cud register the input from an ordinary remote, for a tv/hif device.


I then found, a guide to making a an ir receiver, for use via serial pin-9 ( COM ) port. Much simpler and cheaper, not even a micro controller needed 😀


Then i realised, after buing the parts, that i didn’t have a com port on the back of my pc, but that i did have an internal connector ( phew !).


Here is the deal:

Capacitor, resistor, diode, ir modulator, voltage regulator…. ( the diagram is wrong, by the way, for these component, and the capacitor is missing… 😀 Had to read allot of data sheets to do it with what components i cud get! ) 

Found this cable, that i never used. Its not the right one for the COMA connector, but tuned it “upside down”, and connected it “to the side” of the pins, and it would do the job 🙂

This is my make-shift soldering platform. A piece of wood, with some rubber bands..  😀

Here it is, danling outside my pc case… testing to see if it works at all….

Connected inside….

After installing WinLirc, and seeing the COM1 port was workin’, in tried sending some signals with my trusty samsung remote….

Wuhuu! we get signal!!!!! Ie, its working!!!


Then i found a nice application, “UIce”, that could register the remte, and assign events to the keystrokes all in one. Then i assigned the “up”, “down”, “right”, “left” and “ok” buttons to the corrosponsing mouse events, on the pc…. 😀 now i can move around my cursor with my samsung remote…



I will make a nice mount for the reciever one of the next days 🙂