Is there still hope for the US?

First of, i would like to say that i know that these people is only PART of the US population, and not all Americans, luckily, are this STUPID. Yes, i said it.


It amases me, that these people are so narow minded, and cant interpert the information that they get from the media and elsewhere. I know the old saying ” when you throw mud, some of it sticks” – meaning, even though u call obama a terrorist, when he CLEARLY is not a terrorist, then there will always be some poeple who remembers on electionday “Wasnt there something about obama and terrorism”? And they will wote against him… 


But this is just ridiculous. These people…. have been ( easily ) brainwashed. But that they are so passionate about their very strong oppinions, is really frightening me. I find it very extreme.


Take this flyer:

I think that quite a lot of people actually doesnt “get it”, so to speak. For those of you who doesnt follow me, i am PRETTY SURE, that this was NOT HANDED OUT, by Obama representatives….


I wish there is still hope for the US. Because during the regime of the Republicans, the united states have deteriorated more and more…. We even sometimes joke, that it is a developing country… What kind of an image is that? I would personaly not like to move to a country, where you can buy everything by the gallon – for 2 reasons. WTF is a Gallon? Ever heard of the metric system? And secondly, why would you want to have a gallon of anything standing around? what kind of mentality is that…..




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