Biped walking Robot

I have been wanting to get an arduino dev. board for some time now, to start experimenting with making small robots. As i watched the Robert Full segment, on how engineers get inspired by nature ( on TED ), i started thinking differently about the mechanics of a walking robot. I have a few “innovative” ideas on crawling robots, but now also a concept for bipedal waling. All i can say as of right now, its not using actuarors, like (almost) all others i have seen so far. The only one i remember not useing acuators, is the rHex, wich i have seen also walking bipedal 🙂


I will make som quick n’ dirty sketches, and an animation in solid works one of these days, and post it. Then i will get to prototyping. Ill share it all here 🙂


Here’s the animation, so u get the general idea of the concept. I think i will try to make the pin about wich the slider moves adjustable, so i can “tune” the step “length”. Both in vertical direction, but also in the lateral direction. This way i can also adjust the angle of attack, so that the slider rod is not perpendicular, when at rest.




Only one thing i just realized: How to stand still, with both legs paralell to each other? Might be a problem for a biped, but probaly not that big a deal for eg. a hexapod. Maybe a clutch is the ansver, or a clever way to drive the wheel, so that if power is lost, it will “fall back” to “neutral”, and stand.


– I did realize just now, that the wheel is totally unnecessary, and a small rod would do just fine. It will be, in the next sketch.


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