Ive been using firefox for a looooong time now, and i got chrome just to see what the fuss was all about. A few days ago, i firefox was haaaaanging, realy crashing again and again, so while firefox was hanging, i fired up chrome, and ive stuck with it since. Imported bookmarks aso., small hitch here, it didnt organize them perfectly, but not a big deal.


You realy have to give it up to the developers, for at all the “ai” in Chrome. If u use a logon name on a website, with a username, and use the same username somewhere else, it suggests the same password…. crazy stuff. 


And the default google page, adopting to your browsing habbits…. thats just sick. Im always on youtube, and suddently theres a youtube search bar on there…. 


Lots of great features, waiting to be discorevered 🙂


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