Learn Classical Mechanics

September 30, 2008

This faculty ( MIT ) put alot of ( if not all ) the Mechanical courses online, in video format, so you can join in on the courses, and its all very nicely categorized, so u can frdeshen up 🙂





Neuro Linguistic Programming ( NLP )

September 28, 2008

This is actually very important. You can learn and understand this, and you will realize how you can so easialy be manipulated by the media and other people, and also learn how to do so for yourself.


The technique here is called Neuro Linguistic Programming, and it is based on several things:


  1. Breaking subconcious patterns
  2. Placing suggestions
  3. Etc..
Have you ever seen Derren Brown, doing this? its very real. He has done a few “magic” shows that are not magic, but full of these “hypnotic”, suggestions, and with it he can controll a whole hall of people.
Here he is:
Here is some of his trics, with explanation commentary:
Here is an explanation of how FOX newz commentators use some of the same principles, in a simple but effective way, to take control of an “interview”, and manipulate the watchers:
You can learn some of these techniques, just google them. I found one very helpfull website, that can teach you some simmilar techniques that also can be very hellpfull, its apropriately called: 
There are 5 video tutorials of some very nice tools you can use, to fx controll your own anxiety levels, and they start here: http://www.modernjedi.com/stopanxiety.htm
I have unwittingly used these tools myself, in the way i do cooporative work in gruops, by breaking patterns to get out of a bad stream of us not working very efficiently, i suggested moving around furniture and rearanging our seating, and it helped. I am very concious of how i talk to people, and wich words i chose, when working in a group with people i have not know for very long, since they are more suceptible.  All this is before i knew about NLP.
Please, be aware of these techniques are being employed in the media and around you!

Biped walking Robot

September 23, 2008

I have been wanting to get an arduino dev. board for some time now, to start experimenting with making small robots. As i watched the Robert Full segment, on how engineers get inspired by nature ( on TED ), i started thinking differently about the mechanics of a walking robot. I have a few “innovative” ideas on crawling robots, but now also a concept for bipedal waling. All i can say as of right now, its not using actuarors, like (almost) all others i have seen so far. The only one i remember not useing acuators, is the rHex, wich i have seen also walking bipedal 🙂


I will make som quick n’ dirty sketches, and an animation in solid works one of these days, and post it. Then i will get to prototyping. Ill share it all here 🙂


Here’s the animation, so u get the general idea of the concept. I think i will try to make the pin about wich the slider moves adjustable, so i can “tune” the step “length”. Both in vertical direction, but also in the lateral direction. This way i can also adjust the angle of attack, so that the slider rod is not perpendicular, when at rest.




Only one thing i just realized: How to stand still, with both legs paralell to each other? Might be a problem for a biped, but probaly not that big a deal for eg. a hexapod. Maybe a clutch is the ansver, or a clever way to drive the wheel, so that if power is lost, it will “fall back” to “neutral”, and stand.


– I did realize just now, that the wheel is totally unnecessary, and a small rod would do just fine. It will be, in the next sketch.

Oil submerged pc

September 22, 2008

Pr. request from Mr. Nuno Job i will post the link to the video of me and a few startled friends, doing a project on submerging an old pc, in common engine oil.

Paul Stamets saves the world with fungi

September 21, 2008



Watch paul stamets talk about mycelium, and how we need to use it to our advance

Get motivated in 20 mins, with Tony Robbins

September 17, 2008

This paraphrase cought med: “A surprise is a problem you didnt want”.

Robert Full: How engineers learn from evolution

September 16, 2008

This is a talk on TED that i watched. When they were showing the possible solutions of the adhesive mechanism of the gecko, i guessed it was the van der wall force, cuz i just watched a show about carbon nano tubes a few days earlier. When you pick the nano tubes of the “bed” where they have been created, the van der wall force holds the tubes together 😀


se it please:  http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/robert_full_on_engineering_and_evolution.html