Defenition of: “Waranty Void”

I have a samsung ht-x30 stereo, have had it for app. 1/2 year now. Great stereo, cost me 2000,- DKK ( 268 EUR ). It was the cheapest i could get, that supported digital TOS link input, so i cud run true 5.1 channel surround out of my HDA Xplosion sound card, and make my home stereo complete. 4 satellites, 1 center, 1 sub. 800 watt rms. Fits nicely with my 32″ samsung M87 LCD TV πŸ˜‰

Point being, that it stopped working recently. Getting “protection” warning on display, and then it turns off, after 20 min. playing. Turning it on again, it would go out after 5 min. Damn!

So i did the whole “forum” thing, and tried different inputs and so on, moving it, maybe it was overheating, but no…. even an additional fan did nothing…. Updated firmware…. nothing helped…..

And since i couldn’t remember where i bought it, and find the order email, or find the money withdrawel on my bank account, i was boned…. And today i wrote samsung support, telling them about my trouble…

But as i was looking at the stereo, i just wanted to fix it myself, just to see if i could. Would be much cooler than having to bother with shipping it out asf… πŸ˜€

Here i took off the lid…

And i took of a cover that directs airflow over some components, and would you look at that….

2 capacitors were totally burned out!!!

I quickly went down to my local electronics hardware dealer, and got me 4x 470 nF / 100v capacitors, and some tin and fluss thread….

Broke away the chared remains of the burned down capacitors, and brushed most of the chemical mayhem off the board…

Cleaned out the holes…

Put in the new capacitors…

And put my soldering skillz to the test! I have never done ANY real soldering, just a bit of messing up some stuff. Not even really at school… only very briefly… but i did quite well i think πŸ™‚

Good as new???? Only time would tell….

… turned the thing on… and to my surprise, it didnt actually blow up! Then i put in the optical input, and speaker cords, and it played like it should. And at the seccond im writing this, it has been playing for 1hr and 10 min. πŸ™‚

UPDATE – More tips!:

This guy had the same/simmilar problem, and also tested his caps with a multimeter. As he says, they should show infinite resistance, and he also noticed the nearby components were extremely hot, and so suggested to bend the capacitors further away from these!


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  1. Haha, godt at se KK’s timer alligevel har hjulpet lidt. Godt arbejde!

  2. lemurt says:

    omg Kjeldsen…. Som om kk han ku lΓ¦re nogen som helst noget som helst. Jeg havde jo heldigvis ikke el-teknik pΓ₯ htx… Og jeg dumpede jo faktisk mekatronik, fordi han ikke rigtig fortalte mig at jeg ikke havde nok indhold i mit projekt….

    Havde ikke fΓ₯et lavet et print, hvilket jeg selvf. ikke anede en skid om hvordan man gjorde, idet jeg ikke havde elteknik ( πŸ˜• ), og sΓ₯ var det bare ikke godt nok…

  3. thanks says:

    NIce solution, would you know how to hook a harddrive to the samsung to make it play back movies?

  4. lemurt says:

    no :/ software and firmware is needed for that to work. BUt it has a usb in port in the front. ANd it can play divx movies, so just use that.

  5. Joe S says:

    How did you know what type of capacitors to replace the burned-out ones with? My unit was still (barely) under warranty so I sent it in for repair, but if this happens again I’d be curious to know. Thanks.

    • lemurt says:

      i could read it on the side of the nearby, intact, capacitors. 470 uF, 100volts, if i remember correctly.

      • Jasper says:

        Hi, I have the excact same problem. Do you know were I can buy those 470 uF, 100 volts online? And why do you need 4 of those? Can you reply to my mail? Thanks alot πŸ™‚

  6. Mario says:

    Hey Lemurt,
    I had the same problem with my Samsung HTX-40. So I opened it up and one capacitor was burned. Thanks to your pictures and advice I fixed it and it works great now.

    • lemurt says:

      That is great to hear my friend. I hope you will enjoy your Samsung, in the new year πŸ™‚

      Ps: Dont let it burn out again. I suggest giving it more room to draw air, or do like me: I turned the fan around, so that it draws air into the kabinet, instead of pushing it out.

      Have a good one πŸ™‚

  7. Mark says:

    Hey Lemurt,
    Do you by chance know what the problem could be?
    I have the same xt40 system, and it used to play dvd’s
    on the regular. But after a year all it displays now is “Unknown Disc”
    What advices do you have on this?

    • lemurt says:

      I cant say that i use mine to play dvd’s often. But it might be something to do with the region of the disc, wrong format of data on the disk, or simply some hard og software error. I suggest trying with several different dvd’s and cd’s, and if all else fails, try and flash the firmware. It only requires you to download some bits of software from samsungs hp, and burn it to a cd, and put it in the dvd drive. There is a special procedure you need to follow though, but it should be quite clear, if you search on the support section on the official website.

      But if you need help, just let me know, and ill get you some links.

      Best of luck,


  8. Van5 says:

    Check it out I am going to cut a square on the top of mine because the same problem happened to mine. So this way I can install a second fan and new capacitors in the malfunctioning samsung and this will help prevent any future problems. By the way how did you know what capacitors to use for it?

  9. Electronics Dummy says:

    I’m a nurse by profession, and though I’ve messed with a lot of things in my time, I’m by no means an electronics person.

    I started getting the whole “protection” shut off issue, found this thread, and decided to open it up and see if I could see anything.

    To my amazement (not really, truly expected it) there was the blow capacitator. I called up the only electronics parts store in my area, went and bought 5 capacitators (474k / 100 v). Only one blew, but I figured I’d replace all of the ones in the chain.

    The hardest part was getting the damn thing apart, or perhaps it was putting it back together, but putting in the new capcitators was relatively easy.

    Put it all back together, and realized I had unplugged the face (display, on off switch) on accident and had to take it all back apart.

    Once it was all back together, it turned on, and is working!!!! I was about to just go pay 300-500 for a new receiver, but figured it was worth a shot. Cost me $5.81 to fix something most people would pitch.

    If you’re at all handy you can do this. Save yourself a few hundred dollars and replace the little buggers.

    Good luck

    • lemurt says:

      Again, im’ glad to have assisted you πŸ™‚ Keep in mind, that the receiver should be well ventilated, so it doesn’t happen again.

      Its good to crack open some electronic devices, even though you think “im’ not electronically predisposed”. And even better when you end up saving a couple hundred bucks, and fixing something that might have seem to be an impossible feat. Always good to demystify seemingly complicated things.

      – besides, voiding warranties is good fun πŸ™‚

      Now spend your saved $$ on something nice for your self πŸ™‚

    • remi says:

      Hi, can you please send me info on where to order the capacitor? Link to the web site how be reat

      • lemurt says:

        Try a local hardware store, and ask the clerk. The caps are pretty standard, but if you dont have that kinda store nearby, try something like radioshack, google a webshop or something that has it… i have no idea, where you live πŸ™‚ There was also a guy who got it off ebay πŸ˜•

        but, try a local store, ull save the postal charges πŸ™‚

  10. Electronics Dummy says:

    By the way, I have a different model. It’s a HT-TX74, the one with the 5 disc dvd/cd/mp3 player (which I use none of). Hence the problems taking apart/putting back together.

  11. Sam says:

    Did this fix work on the HT-TX74? I have one with the same problem.

  12. Preston says:

    Hello Lemurt,

    I own Samsung HT-X40 and used it for over a year with no problem whatsoever. 2 days ago, while I was watching movie, the system displayed ‘Protection’ and turned off. You know the stuff. It plays for few minutes and displays ‘Protection’ and shuts off.

    Found your site, tried to see if I would find same problem and fix it up. Opened it up. But guess what! Nothing is burned up!! All capacitors are fine. Everything looks fine. I called up Samsung they said since the warranty is over it will cost me 160 bucks to repair the system which I bought for $150!!

    Anyways. If you can help me figure out what the problem might be then I can fix it up. Thanks.


    • lemurt says:

      I think i that there is a possibility that it is the same problem you are having, but that the capacitors might not have been visually destroyed as much as mine. Try and find a way to test if they still work, or, try and replace them if you have no other options or ideas. Thats my suggestion.

      Anyone else got better ideas?

  13. Mike says:

    I’m going through the same problem right now with my HT-TX75 which is 1 month past warranty. I’m really surprised there hasn’t been a recall on this yet. I just wanted to thank you for writing this detailed tutorial on the fix. I am half way through the process (just waiting on shipping for the caps) and it’s going smoothly so far. Samsung wanted 160usd to ship it out for repair and honestly I was ready to toss it in the garbage. Just curious to those that installed a second fan, how you wired it since there is only a connection for one fan?

    • lemurt says:

      I hope it turns out good for you Mike.

      Remember, try and improve the ventilation around the device, so it doesn’t happen again.

  14. Preston says:

    I guess I can try changing the capacitors. i had put this system on top of the dish network receiver, which does heat up.. so I thought it was due to that.. now I had moved it away in the open. I have even left one screw open to make a ventilation for the system. strangely when I opened the system there seemed nothing wrong with anything. capacitors looked as good as brand new..

    anyways.. they are cheap so it worthwhile replacing em to see if that solves the problem.. but if anybody have some suggestions let me know..



  15. leea says:

    I have the x40 unit and have changed a couple capacitors as shown. I also noticed that the fan was making a lot of noise so I got a new one. it had 3 lead wires, which I cut and connected only the 2 to the connector of the unit. Now the unit says fan check…. any solutions. help, cant afford a new unit.

    • lemurt says:

      I would put back the original unit.

      Small dc fans like this that have 3 leads, the third is used for measuring rpm. Are you sure you connected it correctly?
      Maybe it is important for the unit to be able to measure this, and wount start if it cannot detect the fan properly. Thus, it is “fan checking”, and not getting respond.

      I recommend installing the original fan, or that you try and get a fan with both voltage carrier’s and the 3rd lead, for rpm.

  16. Nicole says:

    I have never soldered before and I am not familiar with electronics…do capacitors cost a lot? How much is a soldering kit? I feel like I might mess this up? Was it really easy to do?

    • lemurt says:

      Unless you have absolutely no motor controll, heh, then you should be fine. Its more about technique. I would suggest u get something to practise on before you solder on the actual part u need to fix.

      The capacitors i think cost something like 1 or 2 USD each. Soldering kits can be found, quite cheap. You just need an iron, not necesarily anything fancy. I use a pretty simple one, that cost me… less than 20 USD.

      Then you need soldering tin, and preferably some fluss wire, or what its called, to get the tin off the easiest way.

      I noticed that make magezine had a soldering tutorial the other day:

      My advice: Avoid overheating the component you are soldering πŸ™‚ Now, watch the video once or twice, find a cheap soldering kit, practice a bit, and get going! Its worth it, when you succeed πŸ™‚

      Youtube is also good, for tips and tricks on fx soldering.

      Good luck!

  17. johnny says:

    i just want to thank you for the time and the pics, so we could fix ours… the only problem is i can’t find capacitors in that voltage, do you think if i put 470 uF are ok or not

    • lemurt says:

      Thanks for the kind words πŸ™‚

      – I think it would be a bad idea to use a capacitor different from what the manufacture chose. If, say, you buy a capacitor at 470 uF at 50volts, it might just burn down imediatly again, or even damage the system further.

      My suggestion is, try and find the component online. There must be some electronic shops online in the US, (guess you are american) or else ebay has you covered, but shipping is never cheap Capacitors on ebay.

      Most well assorted electronics shops should have these, or should be able to get them home for you.

  18. Jasper says:

    Are you 100% sure it are 470Β΅F, 100 volts capacitors? On the capacitors it says: 474J/100V/ME78 and a guy I know said 474J is .47Β΅F. If you know, please reply, Thanks.

  19. johnny says:

    i took the info from the original capacitor that was in the system. i called the company mentioned below and read to them the info… i exchanged the 6 capacitors, however, i can use the sound but when i play the dvd it goes off still. so i think its not the sound now but a problem with the dvd player…

    this is the type of capacitors i got suggested by them…. let me know if the info helps

    Xicon Radial Polyester Film Capacitors
    100V .47uF 5% Tol

    • Jasper says:

      So with these capacitors it works 100%? You think if I only change 2 of the 6 capacitors with that type, that is works perfectly again?

  20. johnny says:

    i think so… make sure you inspect the other capacitors… reading the postings, someoned said that it might look good in the outside but it might be burned out….

    if i were you i change the two, and if it does not work, then change the other ones as well

  21. johnny says:

    i only paid $7 for the shipping

  22. lemurt says:

    i write in my description: 470 nF
    That is NOT the same as uF πŸ™‚

    Nano is an index for 10^-9 and u(micro)is an index of 10^-6.

    So, incidently, 470nF = 0,47uF πŸ™‚

    Ok? So your capacitor should have the correct Fahrad based on that.

    And yes, check this link again:

  23. derek says:

    Hi Guys
    First many thanks to Lemurt,I bought this unit off ebay and within a week or so this problem occured .I have just done the above two capacitors burned out fixed in two new ones and will try it tomorrow once again many thanks


  24. Roy says:

    I have the same problem. Mine plays for an hour though before it shuts off..I took mine in to get serviced and they just called up saying it was going to be $125 to fix it….ha!!! So I did a search and found this thread. Glad I did. wish me luck!

    I did take it apart once and noticed that the heatsink in front is the one that is getting hot right away, so hopefully this solution will work for me.

  25. cgweatherall says:

    I just replaced mine a couple of days ago, no more protection message and I watched a 2-hour dvd.

    Here is a link to the capacitors that I ordered:

  26. Igi Centeno says:

    Hi , I am experiencing the same thing , when I turn my HT -X30 the message says , ” Protection ” then shuts down , I tried opening it, and I observed that the fan is not working. Does the fan should immediately spin upon turning the unit on without playing anything? The capacitors look ok but not sure if they are inside. Can anyone help answer about the fan thing??

    • lemurt says:

      well does it shut down almos emidiately? then it is a little more difficult to estimate what the problem might be, if ur fan is not turning around. my fan does not start just because i turn on the amplifier. I think there is a thermal switch, but cant be sure.

      If the fan was somehow broken, then there could also be a fan related error on the display. So think it could be either, your capacitors are broken, but you cant tell from the outside, or the fan is not working for some reason, but then the result will most likely be that your capacitors got overheated as well, and does not work properly.. but you see, it is connected. So if you cant get it to work, i wouls suggest you either try changeing the capacitors, or the fan. But to get the right type of fan, might be more tricky.

      Test the fan on a 9 or 12 volt battery, to see if it spins. But take it out first… that might help you to find out whats wrong.

      But i still think yoour best gues is that the capacitors are ruined.

      heres sowthing to read:

      but you might not have all the tools for that.

      But hey, let us know if you have any luck, and tell os more of the situation and we will try to help πŸ™‚

  27. Ramstone says:

    Glad I found this, and glad so many rookies appear to have success. Even though my brother’s an EE, I’m apparently from the software side of the family. Haven’t opened the HT-X50 – a disc changer – but it has the same affliction as all the others. Compared to PCs, the cooling in these devices seem pretty poor.

    • lemurt says:

      Hehe, yeah, you shuld be able to finish this without a degree in engineering πŸ˜‰

      I think its a question of bad cooling, due to design flaws… But it still was pretty cheap for the specs, som im still happy with it πŸ™‚

  28. seymour says:

    Hey, Same problem different unit…
    I have a Samsung HT-TZ315 model which does the same thing a week after 1 year. My capacitors read 474j, 100v, ME84. How does joules translate to farads, because i cant seems to find any capacitors in the shope with values in joules. A store tried to sell me 470uF ones saying its the same but i need to be sure and i cant find a convertor online…

  29. markybhoy says:

    I have the same problem but none of the caps appear to be damaged should i just change all six anyawy ?

    I only bought this off ebay to get 5.1 from my ps3 😦

    Any help much appreciated


  30. Jonathan says:

    Thanks so much for posting this! I decided to take mine apart when I smelt it burning the other day. It’s the 5 disc one. So I was looking up the capacitor letters/numbers and found this thread! Is there any fix for this other than just replacing it? maybe a different cap? So much BS taking this apart I am going to dread putting it back together! Plus I had wires popping out of the flat cord harnesses from trying to pull them from the degg on board!

    But thanks for posting this I am going to go get a cap tonight and borrow a friends solder Iron and solder.

    • lemurt says:

      Hey Jonathan πŸ™‚ Glad to hear you were investigating yourself πŸ˜›

      Good luck on the soldering, and make sure to secure the wires so you wount have any short circuits :O

  31. Nachofr says:

    Please, could someone reupload the images? I am very interested because my Samsung HT-DB300 has the same problem.

  32. markybhoy says:

    I have the same problem but none of the caps appear to be damaged should i just change all six anyawy ?

    Should i just change them Lemurt ?

    • lemurt says:

      Well there is a possibility that the caps are the problem. But you cant realy be sure, unless you to some measurements on them.

      I sugggest that you try and use the stereo, and maybe take of the lid, and let it get plenty of air. then you can test if its working better when its cooler. If it is better, then the caps might not be ruined.

      If its the same story, then there is probably a hardware problem, and i would say that the campacitors are likely to be the problem. If i were you, in that situation, i would change them all. especially since you cant tell wich oones are broken.

      Hope this give you some things to think about πŸ™‚


  33. Ann says:


    I’m having the same problem. I was just going to chuck this thing until I came across your posting. I just opened up my box. It doesn’t look like any of my capacitors are burned out, but since they are so cheap, I’m going to replace them. The only thing is that I tried to pull them out, but they won’t budge. What am I doing wrong? I am assuming that I can just pull them out and replace the new ones by plugging the wires back into the holes right? Can you please help? Thanks so much!

    • lemurt says:

      well, you cant just pull them straight out. They are soldered to the board. That means, that you need to get a soldering iron, and have to do a little bit of work your self, to get them off.

      But dont worry – i bet you can get a pretty cheap soldering iron at the same place you can get the capacitors. You also need some solder tin, so apply where you want to fuse the components. Have a look here: . Its pretty much the same thing you have to do, but on the board. You dont have to be a techical mastermind to do it, but it does require a bit of motoric-skills πŸ˜› Practice a bit on something else first.

      Try and see how much it will cost you to get the items you need, or maybe you know someone who has an iron and some tin. Give it a shot, it can only go wrong, and let us know how it went πŸ™‚


  34. Ann says:

    Hi Anders,

    Thanks so much for your reply. I bookmarked it so that I won’t have to go searching for it when and if I have to do this.

    I got lucky this time. When I took everything apart and blew out all the dust, I just thought to plug in the unit and see. Guess what? It’s working fine now. I don’t know how long that will last, but I was able to turn it on and take out the DVD that was stuck in this thing for over two months. I was beside myself because the DVD was from Netflix. I had to return the darn thing. Anyway, I got the DVD out and put in another one. Everything ran fine and I was able to play a movie. So, for now, I’m not going to mess with it.

    Thanks again for all your help. I’ll know where to go if I get that protection message again.

    • lemurt says:

      Hi Ann,

      sounds great πŸ™‚ Maybe it was enough to clean it out, so it would cool down more efficiently πŸ™‚ I think this is a generic problem in this product series, and maybe you wount be as unfortunate as many others πŸ™‚
      I hope you dont get a huge fine, if the DVD was late πŸ™‚

      And yeah, feel free to write again if you need som good ideas πŸ™‚

      Happy holidays!

  35. Tobias says:

    First of all, sorry for the double post. Posted it under the wrong project first. Sorry for that. πŸ˜‰

    I had the exact same problem with my ht-x30 system. Replacing the capacitor worked like a charm. But now I have another problem with my ht-x30 and I thought you could help me.

    The DVD player plays CDs and burned DVDs without a problem but no original DVD neither bought nor rented ones. I found a Forum where they told me that it is a problem with the calibration of the Laser and I would have to send it in for repair.
    I thought you might know how I can repair this by myself?



    • lemurt says:

      Hi Tobias,

      Im sorry, but i dont know about your issue with the dvd. Honestly, i dont use mine for dvd playback, i only use it as an amp. since it was the cheapest system on the market that could take 5.1 chan optical toslink, which i have from my pc output.

      I would usually search some forums like you did, but i dont have the time atm., have 4 examns pretty soon.

      Try to broaden your search parameters, and try to backtrack your problem. what was going on before it bugged out?
      did it work before?
      is it just a region problem?
      does any kind of burned cd dvd work?
      does a firmware flash do anything?

      Sorry that i cant be of more help :/

      Happy searching πŸ˜€


  36. Richard says:

    It worked! Thanks for the post Lemurt, at first I was hesitant but there was no way I was going to spend $150 or more to have this thing fixed. I only spent $100 on the whole system on ebay in the first place. My HT-X40 had a single capacitor that was split along the side. I picked up another one from FRY’s electronics. they didn’t have the 474J100V capacitors that this device used but they did have a 474K100V. That did the trick! I replaced the bad capacitor. For good measure I also removed the large HeatSink and re-applied better quality thermal grease. Knowing this is a heat issue (in my case the system would run for about 45 min before getting too hot), I decided it would be a good move. The heatsink Samsung uses in their system is very cheap and full of scratches/marks. The only way to get good contact between the H/S and chips is to use nice thermal grease to fill in the micro-scratches. Ever since I did this work, the system has been running for 4 hours without issue. No way could I do that before!

    Thanks for your post my friend!

    • lemurt says:

      That, is awesome!

      Im wondering about the units on the capacitors you are mentioning, but if it works, then it works… Good tip on the thermal grease as well, but to those who are getting ideas… its a CUSTOM type of grease πŸ™‚ something like a silver-powdered paste, for example. Maybe you could get a “smidge” at your hardware store, where you are buying the caps πŸ˜‰

      Enjoy your stereo Richard!


  37. jr says:

    i have a HT-X40 that has the protection problem but the capacitors look fine is there a reset button everything looks intact

  38. Graham says:

    High just came across this site its got fab info.

    I have a HT-X30 do I have to couple all speaker wire turn tv for it to work properly.

    Or can i just plug scart to tv and dvd player when I put dvd player on its on stand by press stand by protection comes on display with little lettrs lpd r b something like that.

    Seen your vid on caps every cap looks ok inside of unit cleaned fan around caps plugged back in 15 mins later with lid of same message appears on dvd player protection.

    What would you advise me on this.

    Any suggests would be appreciated.

    • lemurt says:

      It’s a little unclear to me, exactly what you are asking πŸ™‚

      But, regarding the protecition message, did the dvd play for a longer itme, after you took of the lid, and left it to play, or was it the same? And the capacitors might be broken, but not visibly.

      About the “ldp r b”… try and write it won, exaclty what the message say, and GOOGLE it πŸ™‚

      If all else fails, and you cant use the machine for anything, try and replace the capacitors, its cheap, and might work!



  39. Steve says:

    Like most of you I have the same problem with an HT X50. Two of my capacitors were melted. They had 474J 100V printed on them. found replacements at newark electronics for .03 each. Also noticed my fan didn’t turn on so maybe a thermal switch in there. I decided to replace the fan and went from 9cfm to 14 cfm for $6.00. Both part numbers below. I plan to wire the fan to a 12v DC take off so it runs all the time.

    Part No:
    95B5788 Manufacturer Part No:
    B32529-C1474-J. UOM
    Each 1 Quantity Shipped:
    3 Price:
    $0.037 Extended Price:
    Customer Part Number:
    Description: Film Capacitor; Capacitor Dielectric Type:Polyester; Capacitance:0.47ÏF; Capacitance Tolerance:ñ 5%; Voltage Rating:100V; Series:MKT; Lead Spacing:5mm; Capacitor Type:General Purpose; Leaded Process Compatible:No

    Newark Part No:
    71P8696 Manufacturer Part No:
    MC32918 UOM
    Each/1 Quantity:
    1 Price:
    $6.27 Extended Price:
    Customer Part Number: Customer PO Line Number: 001
    Description: Axial Fan; Current Type:DC; Supply Voltage:12VDC; External Height:50mm; External Width:50mm; External Depth:15mm; Fan Flow Rate:17CFM; Noise Rating:33dBA; Bearing Style:VAPO; Power Connection Type:Lead Wires; Current Rating:87mA


    • lemurt says:

      Good choice, regarding the larger volume fan. I also had a large 120 mm fan running on a 12v ext. power supply, but i found it to be redundant, and a sore to the eye πŸ™‚

      I hope you will get it all sorted out πŸ™‚ Best of luck!



  40. Steve says:

    Bad news on the fan. It wouldn’t spin up. I think the amp rating is to high. I’m back to the old fan but the unit is working great.

  41. todd says:

    what is that thing that says 1510A im having the same issue with my ht tx75 and the thing on the 1510A the little circle or heat sink or whatever it is came off and i could see the copper wire and i put it back on and it hasnt shut off but think i need to replace it where would i buy one

  42. markybhoy says:

    Ive managed to get the unit working as long as i dont select dvd or try to open the tray.

    When i bought it i got it really cheap cos it didnt come with a remote.

    I have it set up through my ps3 with optical from ps3 to the HT-X30.

    The sound is only coming through the front left and right and the subwoofer.

    Do i need the remote to select the other three speakers or do i have the ps3 set up in correctly any help would be much appreciated.


  43. Mauricio Kojo da Silva says:

    Muito Obrigado pela dica…

    Ajudou-me muito a solucionar o meu problema.

    Levei o Home Γ  assistΓͺncia autorizada samsung e queriam cobrar R$ 218,00. Recusei e resolvi sozinho (com sua ajuda) por R$ 1,20.

    MuitΓ­ssimo obrigado…


    Translated via Google translate:
    Thanks for the tip …

    It helped me a lot to solve my problem.

    I took the Home assistance authorized samsung and wanted to charge $ 218.00. I refused and decided alone (with your help) for $ 1.20.

    Thank you very much …

    Mauritius KS
    Guarulhos – Sao Paulo – Brazil

    Mauricio KS
    Guarulhos – SΓ£o Paulo – Brasil

  44. I just bought the HT-TX72 with all documentation,remote control,wires and in mint looking condition, for $50.00 U.S. dollars. It has the identical problem which was described to me before I bought it, so I decided to give it a try and fix it myself. I opened it and saw the burned caps, googled the problem and walla, I bump into your blog and beleive me, I’ve enjoyed reading every single blog and is great. Your are as we say(THE MAN)in my neck of the woods. I will attempt the repairs and will follow-up with the outcome, thanks for the confidence you instill in your followers.

    • lemurt says:

      Thanks Nelson, much apreciated πŸ™‚

      When ever we do something because we enjoy it, and find it interesting, it cant be all that bad. Im glad you found my guide usefull, and also that you saved a few bucks πŸ™‚

      All the best my friend!


  45. stu says:

    i had the same problem with my samsung its same as yours lemurt and i found that i had to turn round the fan and it worked once i did that i actual thought i had given up hope trying to cool it off at nights and letting more air into it and i didnt want to send it off because i knew that would be very costly and would take a long time so i opened mines up and i found the problem when i burnt myself at the capacitors and thought.. YEP OVERHEATING PROBLEM and just turned round the fan xD it has went back to protection problem again and found that alot of dust got choked up in the fan so i cleaned that and its back to normal again πŸ˜€

  46. Brett says:

    Hey, I have the Samsung HT-X40 as well… As soon as I turn it on from standby I get “Hello”, “Loading”, “Protection” and then it powers down.

    It started doing this out of nowhere some time after it stopped reading any DVD that I threw at it.

    I cracked it open and don’t notice any blown capacitors. I did notice a bit of roughness on one of them that seemed to be a greenish/white flakey substance, just a little dab.. I scraped it off and it does not appear to be blown, so I’m not really sure if that was just something that got stuck on it or if it is busted…

    During the 10 seconds it takes to power down when I get the messages, the fan is not running either. Could that be the problem?

    • lemurt says:

      It could be, but theres no way realy to be sure.

      But it does seems to be a quite common error on these models.

      And there shouldnt be any kind of substance on your capacitors, ever. I recommend examining it a bit closer, see if there is tiny hole there. It might have sprayed some liquid out.

      My suggestion is to replace the cap’s if you cant resolve the problem by better ventilation, and if your waranty is passed. Its not that expensive πŸ™‚

      Good Luck!

  47. Sergio says:

    Hey, I changed all the caps and my system keeps saying “check fan” and it turns off after like 20 seconds, I changed the caps for six 0.47 uF 1K, I don’t know what else to do, can you help me with this

    • lemurt says:

      Is the fan turning? If i disconnect my fan completely, i get the same message. So it might be broken ;/

      I dont know if you can replace it, with any other fan.

  48. Eugene says:

    First let me say thanks for this wonderful article.
    My HT X 70 shows protection and during inspection of unit I found 1 474 J capacitor cracked and I 1310 A with
    a hole in the top.My question is what is the specifications on the 1310A are they the same as the 1510 A or different.

    • lemurt says:

      Hey Eugene,

      To be honest i have no clue about the 1310 and 1510 units. If I were you, I would google them both, and compare the specifications that i find.

      But does it matter? Arent you just going to find a replacement for the original one anyways?

      Hope it works out,


      • Eugene says:

        Thanks for the reply. I did not explain myself very well. On the Board the round or can type capacitors has some large ones marked on top as 1510a someone in an earler post shows that to be 470nf/100v. The smaller ones (which is the one that i need) has marked on top 1310a but it does not show what the spec are. I have not been able to find any spec on the smaller 1310a so there fore I do not know what
        to order.Should I order the 470nf/100v to replace the smaller on. I need to order 1 small round a 1 flat 474J any advice would be greatly appreciated

      • lemurt says:

        its har to say. You could try and take the damaged one with you to a electronis shop if you have one nearby and ask.

        You probably tried googling, and if it hasnt helped, then try searching for the capacitor specs, instead of this code… or try and search by manufacturer, and see if you can find a picture of a simmilar one, and match them… and see if you can figure out the numbering scheme. probably some manufacture specific production code, specifieng something usefull ‘:)

        Whats the coloring of te unit? is it color coded ?

        Regarding the voltage of the cap, its just a rating. eg, a 100v cap shouldnt be used at a higher voltage, but lover will be fine… search, and ye shall find…

        try searching by pictures for a while πŸ™‚

  49. Jose says:

    Hi there !! I’d like to know what’s the correct laser calibration on a HT-TX75 cause i ve got some problems with some discs and movies !! Thank you.

  50. Hey Lemurt I know this is old but, the image of you soldering the new capacitor does not show up. I need to see how you removed the circuit board since my Samsung HT-TX75 had the same issue. The only problem is I have a 5 disc changer so its harder to remove. Please help. Thank you.

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