no higgs

i think, there is no higgs field… there shouldnt be. Its not a good theory imo. And why is it that, photons pass through it, while other particles dont? and does other stuf penetrate it? if it does, i bet you, its moving in a spherical wave form, just like photons.

Go back 2 basics, study the particle wave duality problem, and then think again.

Will give you some more angles on this…

Otherwise, the theory does “work”. But i think the references in it must be transfered to another theory, that is ( more ) correct, or, plausible…
My first thought was, that the field might be more than a field, and what “we” can see in our space and time is only a small part of the whole thing. The field is everywhere, and so it could be “one side” of a higher dimension. And the reason photons asf pass through it has to do with the caracteristis of light – particles that is waves – must travel on another, higher, dimensional plane.

suma sumarun – the higgs field is the connection in our know space and time to the “next” dimenson…. ?


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