Interesting stuff’

Im always randomly scowering the web, for the next big thing. At the moment my interests are “Theory of everything”, wich is to find a unified theory, for physics. I also enjoy building stuff, trying out weird science stuff, small home experiments. So i will now try to post whatever interesting links i find, or stuff i do 🙂

Today i want to let everybody know about the great programming, produced by “Nova Science Now“. Check some stuff out here, or get it on ur favorite download site 🙂

Also if you have a suggestion for a unified theory, submit it here. Dr. Michio Kaku is so great to listen to. Hes quite bright, and a good talker.
Take a look at him on utube here, PLEASE, or visit his website. Hes quite humourous too.

I remember one talk he did, about the state of the human race, as in how we are in our environment. There are different stages, to how we exist. We are now on the 1 stage, have always been. We are though maybe on the brink to enter the next stage. the 2nd stage is when we as humans can controll the planet we populate, control environment, and live of its energy, harnessing volcanoes and floods. 3rd stages is when we can control solar systems… i think there was also a 4th… cant remember. Gotta watch that video again. And then ill post it.

it is my theory, that if we do not unite world wide, we will die out before we transit to the 2nd stage….

If you did not already watch this, then please, do it:

Hehe, and then, please also watch this one. Its a Rap song made in the LHC facility in Cern, in switzerland and france. The LHC is the “Large Hadron Collider”. Its like 27 Km long, and will smash Led ions into eachother, and analyse the result asf…. watch it. Its great!

– U hear in the video, they want to discover the “Higgs”. Watch the next  one, u will understand better…

For understanding of the Standard Model, structure of atoms, and the subatomic particles that make them up, watch this:


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