Innovation Camp

I was at the 2008 Innovation camp, in Struer Denmark.

With 12 Czecks, 6 portugues, 6 danes, 6 dutch and 6 polish dudes, we had to make som new innovative products for B&O. And we did. But i cant show you what we made, or tell you more about it. Its kinda a secret, since they liked it.

But i can tell you, i made some GREAT friends there, most of all Nuno and Pedro, 2 REAL Portuguese guys.
Nuno – totally bananas, Pedro – Great guy. Ill see you guys soon in portugal, or somewhere else!

falas portugues?

falas portugues?

Anyway, heres a pic, of nuno trying to point out why our group rules, and explaining how we didn’t actually “work” that much, but still we did very well indeed. Good times… Good times….

Minimal management
We invented a new form of group management, with no clearly chosen manager, where the whole group has is responsible for trouble with the schedule, product or whatever, and then can revise the plan, and get the plan changed, by the “manager”. This worked great, because we had competent people.


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